5 Top Tips: How to Care for Your Art

Top tips how to care for your art - buyartnow.com.au

Fine art reproductions should be treated like original artworks to ensure their longevity. If you care for them properly, they will last you a lifetime.

5 Top Tips for caring for your Artwork

Protect your art from Sunlight - www.buyartnow.com.au1. Direct Light: Do not display your reproductions where it will receive direct sunlight. UltraViolet (UV) light, either from the sun or from strong indoor lights can affect prints over time. No matter how high quality pigments in the paints, inks or dyes are, direct light will eventually damage your artwork. It can also make papers and canvas brittle over time too. While it is a more expensive option, museum glass offers the best UV protection for your reproductions.  We routinely use this glass for pieces of high worth (financial or emotional worth) for its ability to preserve the underlying artwork for generations to come. Ask us about this option if we are framing artwork for you.  

Protect art from moisture -www.buyartnow.com.au 2. Avoid Moisture:  Keep unframed reproductions in a dry place. Paper prints do not mix well with water and will become marked. Even moist air conditions and humidity can affect your artwork and mould is a common issue in many areas of Australia.  Our Canvas reproduction products are protected by a spray laminate and can be spot-cleaned with a damp cloth if required. Rolled in a tube is the safest way to store them provided they are first wrapped in an acid free paper.  If you are storing artwork for long periods of time dehumidifiers, closet camels and other moisture absorbing products can be used in areas of high humidity to help protect your artwork from moisture.

Never use chemicals on art - www.buyartnow.com.au3. Chemical Cleaning products:  NEVER use products that contain solvents, bleaches or other common household chemicals to remove marks from your artwork.  Original artwork can be very sensitive to water as well as many cleaning products so extreme care must be taken.  It is best to speak with an expert to assist you should your original artwork become marked.  Canvas reproductions produced by Art House Reproductions (available on www.buyartnow.com.au)  may be cleaned with a damp cotton bud or cotton cloth, wiping gently. Do not try to clean any reproductions with chemicals of any sort. If your print is marked, contact us first so we can best advise you. 

Damage to Artwork - www.buyartnow.com.au4. Damage to Artwork:  Handle your Artwork with care to avoid scratching, creasing or kinking. Treat them gently and with great care. Oil from fingerprints can affect your reproduction over time so best to handle them with gloves or only by the white border edges of unframed artwork.  Transporting artwork can also be tricky when you are moving.  Ensure you have your corners well protected and wrapped.  Punctures from other furnishings are also common with artwork that is not packed correctly.  If you need advice on how to pack your artwork for transit, let us know. We pack and send artwork all around the world on a daily basis.  Always happy to help.

Acid Free Framing - www.buyartnow.com.au5. Acid Free Framing: Acid conditions can turn papers and canvasses yellow. All Art House Reproductions are reproduced using acid free materials, papers, canvases and inks.  This can be degraded if you compromise the artwork with inferior products in the framing process. Glues, frame glue, mounts and other materials must be acid free to preserve your artwork from yellowing over time. If you have your framing done elsewhere, be sure to choose a qualified framer who uses quality products that are acid free to ensure your reproduction lasts as long as possible.

We hope your Original Art and Fine Art Reproductions give you many decades of viewing pleasure.  If you have any questions about your artwork and it’s care, please get in touch! We’re here to help.  1300 46 55 22