5 Reasons to Buy Local Art

When picking your next piece of art, there are plenty of reasons to choose local. Beyond the aesthetic beauty, the reasons to buy local art are extensive and, sadly, commonly forgotten. At BuyArtNow, we love to support artists of all experience levels and walks of life in selling their art to a community base that values it. That’s why we’ve put together our top 5 reasons why you should buy local art.


Supporting Your Community

When you spend money in your local community, it is likely to then be spent again in the local community. This principle is one that can be applied across industries and why buying local not only directly affects the person you are buying from, but also the community around them. By spending money on local art, you will be taking steps to support your local economy - something that is now more important than ever. 



Have you ever travelled and met someone from where you're from? You share common experiences and values while being surrounded by the unfamiliar. This is how we see local art amongst a sea of other artworks from around the world. Finding a piece by someone in or around your local area can speak volumes more to you and the people who visit your space. 


Cultural Significance 

Art often reflects the people and places in the region in which it was created. By purchasing local art, you are investing in something with more relevance to your area and will have a deeper meaning to you and the guests who visit your home. 

aboriginal style dot painting


Many local artists are still considered ‘undiscovered’. While the journey for many artists is to become more known, when starting out, their art will be very unique and special, as other pieces like it will not be widespread through the market. In combination with the relatability and cultural significance, purchasing locally is a great way to pick up a unique find. 


Great Gift Idea 

Candles are nice, but you can only give so many of them as presents before it gets a little old. Giving the gift of local art is special, personal and helps support local business all in one. Next time you have to think up a present idea, whether it be a birthday, anniversary or Christmas gift, why not head over to Buy Art Now and pick up a special piece. 

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